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Our AIM is to deliver quality services that contribute to the growth factor for the organizations, our clients.
Our foundation is based on Honesty, Trust, Respect. This is the reason we are known for RELIABILITY

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“Empower your employees and optimize your human resources with our complimentary consultation. Discover how our HR experts can assist you in creating a productive and engaged workforce tailored to your organization’s needs.”


Our Specialization

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Optimizing Talent Acquisition for Growth.

Bench Management

Strategic Bench Management for Agile Operations.

Business Development

Fostering Growth and Creating Opportunities through Business Development.

Resource Management

Maximizing Efficiency through Resource Optimization.

Account Management

Driving Customer Success through Effective Account Management.

Client Relationship

Nurturing Lasting Connections: Enhancing Client Relationships.

Our HR Consulting Services: Streamlined Hiring Process

Job Analysis and Position Description

We conduct thorough job analysis to understand your requirements and create comprehensive position descriptions that attract the right candidates.

Sourcing and Attraction Strategies

We employ a variety of sourcing methods, including job boards, social media, and our extensive network, to attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Candidate Screening and Shortlisting

Our experts carefully review resumes, conduct initial screenings, and shortlist the most suitable candidates based on their qualifications, skills, and alignment with your organization's values.

Interviewing and Selection

We design tailored interview processes, including behavioral and competency-based interviews, to assess candidates' fit for the role and organizational culture. We provide interview training and support to your hiring managers.

Background Checks and Reference Verification

We conduct thorough background checks, including employment verification, reference checks, and any necessary screenings, ensuring you have reliable information to make informed hiring decisions.

Offer Negotiation and Onboarding

We assist in extending offers, negotiating terms, and coordinating the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition for the selected candidate.

Industries We Are Hire

Engineering & Manufacturing

Computer & IT

Automotive & Design



Media & Entertainment







What Our Clients Say

Partnering with Dharamthok Consulting has been a strategic decision for our organization. Their HR solutions have helped us streamline processes, improve employee engagement, and drive overall organizational growth.

"Dharamthok HR consultancy's expertise in HR policies and procedures helped us improve our processes and ensure compliance. Highly recommended."
Margaret Curtis​
Real Estate Developer
"Dharamthok HR consultancy delivered exceptional recruitment services, finding quality candidates quickly. Their professionalism and dedication impressed us."
Matthew Fox​
Development Company
"The training and development workshops by Dharamthok HR consultancy were engaging and informative, enhancing our employees' skills. Knowledgeable trainers and positive learning environment."
John Doe

Our Recent Hiring

“Our recent hiring initiatives have attracted top talent, bringing fresh perspectives and diverse skillsets to our team, strengthening our organization’s capabilities for future growth and innovation.”

Why Dharamthok Consulting

“Choose Dharamthok Consulting for Unmatched Expertise and Results”

At Dharamthok Consulting, we bring a wealth of experience, deep industry knowledge, and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Trust us to drive your organization’s success.


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Our Management Team

“Experienced and dedicated, our expert HR team provides strategic solutions, industry knowledge, and personalized guidance to drive your organization’s success.”

Ajay Dharamthok


Mrs. Patil

Hiring Manager